How Bacteria Can Be Beneficial For The Health Field Essay

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There are billions of different microorganisms that include different types of bacteria. Did you know that the crook of your elbow contains one million bacteria cells for every square centimeter? That is after being washed. (Marcela, 2008, n.p.). Most of the time when the word bacteria is mentioned, people think the worst. It is assumed that all bacteria are dangerous and that they often cause disease. However, scientists are discovering that not all bacteria are bad. The crevasse of the elbow houses many different tribes of bacteria, which are called commensals. They are not considered harmful, rather they produce fats that moisturize the skin (Marcela, 2008, n.p.). Discovering the characteristics of these bacteria will be beneficial for the health field. There might be a link between the bacteria growing on your elbow and different skin diseases, including eczema, or a correlation between bacteria in the gut and an autoimmune disease, like diabetes. By examining bacteria, scientists can understand how the bacteria are living and how the bacteria work. They can link the similar functions and locations of the bacteria on different people. Learning more about the beneficial bacteria in and on our bodies will affect healthcare as well as specific careers in the healthcare field.
Understanding bacterial commensals has the possibility of leading to treatments for many of the autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, drastically affecting healthcare (Simmers, Simmers-Nartker, &…

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