How Are The French And United States Health Care Systems Different?

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How Are the French and United States’ Health Care Systems Different? The concept of equal health care for everyone is a grand and noble goal. The reality is much more complicated. The systems in France and the United States both rely on government manipulation of health care costs. There are major differences in the basic mechanics of each system. In France, the consumer pays at the time of service and in the Untied States the consumer pays the balance after their government-mandated personal insurance has paid their share. Because there is a significant human factor involved in the health care industry, it is very difficult to create a system that is “set in stone”. Decisions for patient care, doctor’s income, and profitability for the hospitals are just three massive variables.
In 1945, France began a national health care system based on a national health insurance. This was funded through mandatory payroll withholdings, similar to Social Security in the United States. It was intended to stabilize individual incomes in the event of chronic illness. Because the money is taken out of paychecks before they are received, it is somewhat hidden from the population. This money is then placed in a government run fund, Assurance Maladie. At the time of medical services, the consumer pays the doctor’s office and afterward the government reimburses part of the bill as a percentage in light of their “ability” to pay based on their income. There are adjustments made so that the more…

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