How Ageism Is Defined As Discrimination And Oppression Against Individuals And Groups Based On Their Age

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My Experiences Of Ageism In our society, ageism is defined as discrimination and oppression against individuals and groups based on their age. This may include actions, languages, and limitations restricting our individual rights. Everything from movies to t.v. shows display a fear of aging and death or a need for youthfulness. Growing up I have been involved in a few situations where ageism and adult centrism was present. Adult centrism is the tendency of adults to view children and their problems from a biased, adult perspective (Goode, 1986). Specifically, I have been involved in three situations that taught me how ageism works in our Western Canadian Society. Firstly, a regular trip to the dollar store with my friends turned into a situation where ageism became present. We were scanning one of the aisles, walked by candy and then were about to walk out without purchasing anything. The employee at the time stopped us and told us there are cameras in the store. This comment is a direct example of ageism that takes place in our society. For the reason that we were teenagers, the employee’s first perception was we stole something. We were discriminated against simply because we were a group of teenagers. This experience can be connected with the idea that youth are seen as deviant. In today’s society almost all individuals view teenagers the same stereotypical way. The employee did not know her act of stereotyping did hurt me. My friends and I had no intention…

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