Essay about How Actuarial And Structured Professional Judgment

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In order to understand how actuarial and structured professional judgment (SPJ) methods contribute to the assessment of violence risk recidivism, one must firstly consider the connotation of the two techniques. To begin with, actuarial methods refer to a statistical paradigm of assessing risk using historical information in the context of precarious individuals in the context of a forensic setting (Brown & Campbell, 2014). This method requires no subjective clinical contribution and relies on static algorithms. SPJ instruments use an amalgamation of clinical judgement and actuarial or static algorithms of evaluation (Bouch, 2002), on the basis of past and present idiosyncratic information regarding the patient, through subjective appraisal (O’Rourke & Bailes, 2006). This essay will examine both techniques, with a focus on the most common assessment tools for each, in order to come to a conclusive argument regarding the most appropriate method of predicting the possible risk of violent recidivism, of a paranoid schizophrenic male who has murdered a woman, however has no previous convictions. Although the Diagnostic Statistical Model -5 no longer refers specifically to the sub-types of schizophrenia, such as paranoid, it is described as a complex, chronic form of psychosis characterised by positive symptoms such as delusional thoughts, hallucinations, disorganised speech, catatonic behaviours, and symptoms that impair social cognitions and functioning (American…

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