How Abraham Lincoln Won The Presidential Campaign Essay

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Slavery, in the United State of America, existed for over a hundred years. Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America, emancipated slavery. The emancipation proclamation the was drafted in 1863, but it did not free all of the slaves. The slaves in the mutinous states were deemed legally free, but it excluded the slaves in the states that were cooperating with Lincoln. Until 1864. In 1864, Abraham Lincoln won the Presidential election with overwhelming numbers. The majority of Congress were abolitionists; therefore, in July of 1864 emancipation for all of the slaves became a constitutional right. During the 1864 presidential campaign slavery did not seem to be a centralized debate topic. But, when Lincoln got elected he, and his majority abolitionist Congress called for a full emancipation of the slaves. Though slavery did not seem to be a centralized issue, of the election, one can argue that Lincoln had emancipation on his mind during the whole election, and having a majority abolitionist government made emancipation possible. This essay will examine how Abraham Lincoln’s perception of slavery changed during his presidency. Before the civil war, Abraham Lincoln was against slavery, but he did not believe that blacks were equivalent to whites. If there had to be a superior race, then Lincoln believed it was his own race. Though, Lincoln did not believe whites and blacks were equal. He expressed interest in freeing the slaves. There was a catch,…

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