Houston Food Bank Essay

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General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the workings of the Houston Food Bank and the concepts discussed during the course which were demonstrated through our volunteer experience.
Organizational Pattern: Topical
Thesis Statement: The Houston Food Bank uses the efforts of volunteers as well as donations to support the reduction of hunger in the community.

When the topic of people going hungry is presented, it is not far-fetched to think that these people are homeless. In actuality, 94% of hungry people have a roof over their heads.
(Transition) This is where the Houston Food Bank steps in. 1. The Houston Food Bank’s mission has been to lead the fight against
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* * We set up a sort of assembly line where one person was putting all of the pieces of information together, and the others stuffing the envelopes and making sure the addresses were properly exposed. B) The warehouse where the nonperishable food is stored in is over 200,000 square feet with food stretched from wall to wall. We wanted to utilize our time as much as possible so we were able to team up with some volunteers to create a game of who could create the most packages. Everyone was able to hold one of the following roles * Director- Person with food list that informed the collector where to go to gather food. * Collector- Received direction on what part of the warehouse to collect the food from. * Distributor- Peron who would receive the food from the collector and would separate it based on the selected items and quantities expressed on the list.
(Transition) Self-fulfillment was definitely the outcome of all of our experiences during the fight against hunger.

When stepping into this task, there was a natural sense of hesitance that was formed by our apparent differences and formed stereotypes. Once we were able to get an inside view of what went on in a food bank as well as the joyfulness that they exude in order to keep the morale of the people they come in contact with, our speculations vanished. We were able to go through the tasks given effectively and efficiently by assigning roles which

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