Hospitality Environment Feasibility Study Essay

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| Unit 1: Hospitality Environment | Feasibility Study (Mercure Resort Sanur) | Gino Severien (236594) | Joshua Ega Yus Pratama (286486) | Year 2 Module 2PBL Group 1HOSPITALITY OPERATIONS ENVIRONMENT |

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With the help of different methods of macro environment analyses, this paper provides an insight into different business perspectives to be reviewed carefully. To start with, the local environment where Mercure Resort Sanur is situated is assessed referring to PESTLE analysis. In summary, tourism growth and development in the midst of national political and economic instability increases the demands for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE). Additionally, the evolution of social media and technologies has a great impact on Mercure Resort Sanur. Coupled with increased competition in the industry especially from Sanur Beach Hotel, Sanur Paradise and Puri Santrian, Mercure Resort Sanur has to constantly initiate improvements in order for the business to remain competitive in the market. Referring to competitor analysis, Mercure Resort Sanur has a great potential to progress its key industry success factors among the three competitors aforementioned. Consequently, microenvironment analysis of Mercure Resort Sanur is carried out to generate some possible ways for tactical environment.
Proceeding with the analyses, PT Synergy Hospitality Solutions Bali utilises SWOT and TOWS analyses in order to determine internal and external forces that affect the property’s business practices. As part of internal analysis, Mercure Resort Sanur boasts its “Grand Vins Mercure” and “Cups and

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