Case Study Hospital Acquired Pneumonia

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There are different types of pneumonia, whereby Hospital Acquired Pneumonia is one of them. It is a disease that is contracted in a hospital normally after 48 hours of admission. This is dangerous, normally bacterial, disease. What make the disease so dangerous is that the patients who contract the Hospital Acquired Pneumonia immune system are low as they are already critically ill. The germs in the hospital are also more dangerous than that in the community.
Case Presentation
This is a 59 year old causation male who was admitted in hospital with a non-ST-segment myocardial infarction and a chronic arterial fibrillation. One of the risk factors for Hospital Acquired Pneumonia is alcoholism, and the patient was an alcoholic.
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The patient was previously in alkalosis with a pH 8 and also in acidosis with a pH 5 but the pH has now stabilized at 7.45. The HCO3 was not available. The Base Excess (BE) normal value is -2 to +2, a base excess > +3 = metabolic alkalosis a base excess < -3 = metabolic acidosis (, 2014), and this patient’s BE is +8.8, which means this patient is in metabolic alkalosis.


Hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) is a lung infection that is contracted in hospital by a non-intubated patient within 48 hours after admission. This infection can be fatal to these patients, as the patient is already sick and find it difficult to fight the germs. The germs that are found in hospitals are also more dangerous than the germs found in the community. (, 2014)

(Masterton et al., 2008) state that “The diagnosis of HAP cannot only be made on the clinical criteria as the clinical signs and symptoms overlap between pneumonia and other forms of sepsis. To improve the diagnostic sensitivity the following should be taken into account:
• The presence of a fever (core temperature of 38ºC)
• Blood leukocytosis (10 000

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