Horace And Juvenal Analysis

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Humans have been taught to be sole believers in competition and resentment with the next person. They prey on the next person's “greater life” without knowing their struggles that came with the other life. Soon one will start to have resentment for the minor things in their life and suddenly want more. One’s temporary satisfaction shows that they are greedy to have something that will not matter in the long run. The theme of people wanting more is highly demonstrated in Horace and Juvenal’s satire. Their methods describe how people are constantly wanting more mainly because they see other people are doing better than them. However, they also contradict one another by showing how their satirical methods shape the way a person thinks.
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Since both mentioned that people have the desire to acquire more, a prediction can be made that people will not be able to refrain from this mindset. They will always have the perception that they have to become better than the next, as it will causes them to lose themselves. Both Horace and Juvenal wants people to embrace life itself. They don’t want someone’s focus to be on solely based on jealousy. Rather than being invidious of someone else, Horace and Juvenal explains how they want people to appreciate the good aspects of life. Even though one may be going through various obstacles, it helps with their character. It shows that someone is able to withstand any and everything, and can use their obstacles to help the next. Additionally, Horace and Juvenal wants everyone to embrace one another. Although their methods are different in describing how people should act, they both have the same mission. One’s competition actually causes someone to have more hate for others. This can cause someone to feel insecure about themselves. Someone may have the idea that they are not living up to their full potential, and comparing themselves to the next person can make someone feel worthy. But, one should value and love himself. He should not compare himself

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