Augustus Prima Porta Analysis

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The Augustus Prima Porta is a marble statue of himself which was discovered on the 20th of April in 1863 in the Villa of Livia which is situated in the Prima Porta near Rome. It is a statue that stands 2.03m tall and is now been moved to the Braccio Nuovo which is situated in the Vatican Museums.This sculpture is what seems to be very idealised to show that he is strong and young.
The artist has portrayed him to be a God-like figure. This is shown by his Bare feet. Many People during the time when Augustus ruled the roman empire believed that he was a hero. The bare feet resembles his connection with the Gods and Goddesses as they would be portrayed with bare feet. There is a small relief of Cupid riding a dolphin which signifies the link between Augustus and Cupid’s mother, Venus ( The Roman Goddess of Beauty, Love, Sex, and Purity). Augustus’ family is the direct descendants of Venus. With this being said, it was
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Augustus’ Breastplate exposes many messages of Propaganda. It shows many reliefs of Gods and Goddesses which shows us how well he was supported by the Gods and Goddesses. The relief on the breastplate is carved with many small figures illustrating the return of Augustus. The symbols of Augustus’ victory in Spain and Gaul have been incorporated into the breastplate, which shows us that their standards as Rome have pacified them. Through the breastplate, the reliefs have been carved in such a way that it replicates as if it was made out of bronze but with the nipples, muscle and skin can be seen through the breastplate. This gives us the image that he was a strong, young man when he became the emperor of the Roman Empire and many people wanted other people to believe that he was strong and might and that would be able to overcome any challenges that may arise.The Sphinx on his shoulders signifies wisdom and prophecy. The Sphinx represents the defeat of Cleopatra by

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