Hookworm Essay

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Hookworms are small and short worms. They live in the small intestines of man. They are called hookworms because each of them has hooks on its head around the mouth. The worm attaches itself to the inside wall of the intestine by these hooks. Hookworms feed on blood. They suck this from the wall of the intestine to which they are attached. There are often several hookworms at the same time in the child's tummy. All of them feed on the blood of the child. Therefore, one of the major effects of hookworm disease is shortage of blood (anaemia). This can be very serious and make the child weak and ill for a long time. If the anaemia is not treated properly, it can kill the child.

How does hookworm get into the body?
There are male and female hookworms.
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It grows very long. Each tapeworm is made up of several small sections (segments) put together end to end. Eggs are produced in each section of the worm. These eggs are passed out from time to time, still contained in the section which is also shed.

How does tapeworm get into the body?
Unlike in the roundworm, infection of man is not through eggs being swallowed. What happens is that the eggs have to develop first in another animal host. The developing worm (embryo) finds its way into the muscles of these animals. It is by eating such infested meat that the tapeworm gets into the intestine of man. These animals are the cow, pig or fish. Therefore, we talk about 'beef tapeworm’, 'pork tapeworm' or 'fish tapeworm'. Beef and pork tapeworms are the more common in the tropics. Tapeworms are not as common in children as the other worms.

Symptoms and signs.
The healthy child or adult may not have any symptoms at all from the worm. There may be some discomfort in the tummy and occasionally diarrhoea. Children who are infected with tapeworm may eat excessively. It is believed that the worms share in the children's food. In prolonged infestation, the child's nutrition can be

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