Homosexual Lifestyle Is Extremely Harmful Essay

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Homosexual lifestyle is extremely harmful

A question many people have is, what harm is it to allow same-sex couples the same benefits married heterosexual couples have? Or what harm is there in allowing gays to fill authoritative positions in society who act as role models for our children?
The answer is that it is extremely harmful to our children and society as a whole. If our children have role models who are gay, they will think being gay is something that is acceptable by society.
It has become a trend to call it an "alternative lifestyle" or one's "sexual orientation." Others refer to it as a gay lifestyle, according to an article by Farjm Majd, "The Homosexual Relationship."
Gay activists are trying to take the focus off
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To accept the homosexual lifestyle as a culture and to cater to their demands will result in a breakdown of morals in society. It will bring irreparable harm to our children. How much are we willing to accept before we finally recognize the real danger involved?

Freedom of religion is freedom from religion
Letter to the editor

I read John letter in Sunday's paper, haranguing the "dangers" of the "homosexual lifestyle" with great interest, noting it as one of several along the same line from him. What really are these "dangers?" He doesn't mention them specifically, and it made me think the dangers were hell and damnation - that our society might suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah.
I believe thoroughly that freedom of religion means freedom from religion; we should all be treated equally under the law regardless of our religious or cultural beliefs, regardless of our sexual preference, because society's benefit is really what the law is about. It exists with our consent to keep the peace and ensure our welfare. What we're talking about here are stable households, and possibly even the advancement of society, whatever that really means. I'd like to think it means equal access to a good education, the ability to express ideas in a tolerant environment, and the ability to walk down the street without being beaten or killed because of one's religious or sexual preference or the color of one's skin.
We can only speak accurately from our

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