Homer 's Odyssey : An Archetype Hero Essay

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Homer’s epic The Odyssey is on the surface an exciting story of Odysseus’ quest to finish his journey home after the Trojan War, battling monsters, battling the gods and overcoming temptations from seductive goddess. Through this voyage home the Gods put Odysseus through many obstacles, which not only show his heroism but his exceptional wit and bravery (9. 413-431). On the surface Odysseus is a great leader who is at the same time feared and praised, and considered superior to his men and the suitors in his home (1. 65-67). In the first half of The Odyssey, Homer presents Odysseus as a brave hero who is of no fault and presents the theme as being immaculate and glorious is what makes a hero a hero. As the epic continues Homer depicts a hero as a person who has fault, but also having an exceptional trait (Odysseus’ leadership, Penelope’s patience, and Telemahos’ bravery) that helps the cause in which they believe. Homer uses the character of Odysseus to present an archetype hero, however he introduces characters of Penelope and Telemachos to debate whether the hero is one of glory or superiority; though the story mainly focuses on Odysseus, Homer presents these characters to show a hero may not be glorious or a main character but one who does anything to achieve a goal through any means necessary.
In The Odyssey, Odysseus is seen by many as a glorious hero and warrior who fought fearless in the Trojan War. Such stories of his glory have been told for so long his son, does…

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