The Role Of An Epic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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An epic hero is defined as a leader who travels a vast journey for a noble cause. An epic hero usually has traits valued by his society and seems god-like. Although epic hero is god-like, they are still like other men and have human weaknesses. They also face supernatural foes or receive supernatural help. Homer’s epic poem is about Odysseus’ twenty year journey to return back to Ithaca after the trojan war. While Odysseus is facing multiple obstacles throughout his struggle to return, his faithful wife Penelope and his son Telemachus are at home watching their palace become destroyed by suitors who want to obtain Penelope’s hand. Penelope struggles to hold them back while she waits for her husband who is king of Ithaca to return home, but …show more content…
Odysseus’ greatest weakness was his pride, his pridefulness put him into certain situations that could have been easily avoided. Odysseus takes responsibility for winning the trojan war and does not offer a sacrifice to Poseidon. Odysseus leads his men to victory and thinks it was all his doing which angers Poseidon. Poseidon then punishes Odysseus by extending his journey through harsh storms. Secondly, After Odysseus defeats Polyphemus, he shouts his real name from his ship out of pride. As a result, Polyphemus, son of Poseidon asks his father to curse Odysseus’ journey so that it will take him longer to return home. Poseidon answers his son’s prayer and once again delays Odysseus’ arrival home by causing multiple storms and strong winds pushing Odysseus farther away from Ithaca. Lastly, Odysseus takes pride in being desired by both Circe and Calypso. Circe is an enchantress who turned Odysseus’ men into swine and seduces him but later helps him return home. Calypso is the sea goddess who loves Odysseus and wanted to hold him hostage forever, but was forced to let him continue on his journey. Being desired by two goddesses made Odysseus feel more superior and resulted in his Journey taking longer because he got carried away with the two goddesses. Odysseus’ pridefulness causes his journey to be much longer than it was intended for due to his

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