Homeostasis And The Human Body Essay

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BTEC level three sub diploma in health and social care
Task three
in this task I will be talking about the concept of homeostasis and the response it gives to the human body ,how it also plays a role in the human body and also the changes in the internal environment during excursive

the concept of homeostatic is the understanding of how our body works as one. Homeostatic is a system that works in order to keep the body maintained in its internal environment even in external changes ,internal environment controls of blood ,tissues fluids and all body cells contents all the metabolic processes are governed by enzymes actions, Homeostasis means the maintenance of continuous conditions in the internal environment of the human body even If there was a change in the external environment. Homeostasis has many functions in the body which is blood pressure, body temperature, the level of water in the body and also respiration rate are all controlled by homeostatic mechanisms make adjustments that remake in the generation of body heat, meaning maintaining the internal temperature at constant levels..
What is the internal environment?
The role of the internal environment is to transport natural materials such as oxygen in a constant motion as indicated by nature state of the body of the person, to keep up the condition to procure energy. The liquid environment in the tissue is represented generally by the oxygen state

The body 's homeostatic systems are…

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