Homelessness The World Of The Homeless Is A Tough And Interesting World

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Homelessness in America “The world of the homeless is a tough and interesting world.” -Paul Dano. The homeless population is the people of America who, for one reason or another, do not have a current place of residence. Not many consider what that is like until they experience it themselves. Without a place of residence, they have no privacy, property, and many have lost their self-confidence and dignity. Nowhere to call home, and nowhere to masturbate. They feel as though they are a burden to society and have failed themselves and their families. However, how can one blame them for that? Various members of today’s society from the poor to the rich view the homeless population as worthless and blame them for what they are experiencing. At this point, one could wonder what is the reason behind this view of homelessness? Is it perhaps the view that the nation placed upon them, or simply the way humans view those in need? To acquire the answer, some background information may need to be sifted through and the knowledge of the history of homelessness must be available, commencing from the start. To begin, according to multiple sources, such as the site, depts.washington.edu, homelessness was never actually documented until the 1640’s. During this time, it was viewed as “a moral deficiency, a character flaw.” The reason for this was that when the colonies were first established, people who wanted to become part of a town had to prove that they would be able to help the town…

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