Essay on Homelessness Is A Visible Situation

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Homelessness is a worldwide issue that is seen every day in parks, under bridges, and in train stations. People take for granted the basic needs that they possess, and they do not realize what they have until it’s gone. People act as if the homeless are invisible when in reality they are not invisible, but noticed as “beggar”. Homelessness is a visible situation that people perceive without reflecting on how the people became homeless. America has not always struggled with homelessness. Homelessness was around during the early colonial period because of warfare and in cities where it was known as the “wandering poor” (Kusmer 14-15). The Homeless are merely people who do not have a place to call home or a place to sleep at. In 1640, the homeless was classified as “vagrant persons” who were arrested by Boston peace officers (Kusmer 13). Getting arrested for being homeless is wrong and shouldn’t occur since it is not their fault they are stuck in a hard place. However, Boston soon became a refuge for people without a home in the late seventeenth century (Kusmer 15). Despite the significant increase in homeless people, slavery greatly helped reduce homelessness (Kusmer 16). Slavery was a horrendous experience and no one should have to experience it, but being a slave was probably better than being homeless because they were given food, clothes, a job, and a place to sleep at night. Every substantial urban center was full of homeless people (Kusmer 13). The nation began to…

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