Problem Solution Essay On Homelessness

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Homelessness has always been a small problem, but it has been on the rise since the beginning of the 1980s. Nine percent of all homeless are veterans who struggle with PTSD or other physical disabilities that restrict their ability to work. Substance abuse has become more prominent because drugs are cheaper and easier to get ahold of. Nearly 700,000 people will be searching for a place to take refuge tonight. On the surface, it only affects the ones forced to live on the streets or in shelters. However, this is a problem that concerns all of America. Every day people are losing homes because the country is lacking affordable housing, substance abuse, PTSD, mental illness, tragic life occurrences, or other physical disabilities. While these are all strong reasons for the rise in homelessness, each case is different so there is really no way to determine one cause that is responsible for this crisis. There are many families at risk as the cost of housing continues to rise, and wages and jobs decrease. Homelessness can also be very costly for tax payers. The money the American people …show more content…
Many veterans, individuals, and families are in shelters or put on the streets to fend for themselves because of rising housing costs, low wages, tragic life occurrences, mental or physical disabilities, and substance abuse. There are many great organizations already in place, but they cost American tax payers large amounts of money. Converting abandoned hospitals, schools, etc. into small apartments can reduce costs in construction because they’re already built. The only thing needed are small renovations to make them more adapt for individual living spaces, costing tax payers little amounts of money. Providing therapy or support services can help reduce mental disabilities and substance abuse. Something has to be done to stop this predicament the country is in, and this is a positive, low-cost

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