Essay on Homelessness At Home, By Thomas Foster

2443 Words Dec 12th, 2016 10 Pages
Homes are normally thought of as places filled with love, where families grow and care for one another. Yet, for young girls and women the home is a place where they learn their limitations in society. Females learn their appropriate place in the outside world by their time spent in the home. In all of the books we read this semester, we saw roles for females become confined as they drew closer to the gates of womanhood. As Thomas Foster states in his novel, Transformations of Domesticity in Modern Women’s Writing: Homelessness at Home,
“the ideology of separate spheres that characterizes most feminist work on the nineteenth century involved the severing of the home from the capitalist marketplace and the privatization of the middle class home as a feminine space… Gender relations depended upon the figure of ‘home’ to define concept of space… as container…” (4)
I will be discussing how the presences of the home in Beloved, Passing, The Bell Jar, Bastard Out of Carolina, The House on Mango Street, and Fun Home can either cause women to lose power over themselves and their lives: making the home a place of repression and a way of defining these women, or how the home’s oppression leads the women to break away from its grasp and forge their own path. This idea of home being a way of confining and defining women provides an interesting frame of analysis for each of these novels. I have excluded Flight and March, not because I do not think they have relevant examples for this…

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