Homelessness And The Homeless Veterans Essay

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To serve your country means to put your life on the line for the lives of strangers, to come back stateside and find that those you protected look the other way when you are asking for help is shameful and unethical. Unfortunately, in America today there are about 49,933 homeless veteran, these are people who gave up part of their life for their country, people who are most likely suffering from PTSD or other mental disorder, and people who ultimately deserve better than the streets (“Fact Sheet: Veteran Homelessness”). Veterans who come home only to find themselves without one is a real issues in this country, as is that most veterans on the street are suffering from a mental illness or some kind of substance abuse, however, fortunately, there are places that are making improvements in the homeless veterans in their communities. First, veterans who are forced to sleep on the street because they have nowhere else is an issue in America, and in Texas, that needs to be managed. According to “Fact Sheet: Veteran Homelessness”, “Homeless veterans tend to be male (91 percent), single (98 percent), live in a city (76 percent), and have a mental and/or physical disability (54 percent)”. Veterans are also more likely to become homeless than civilians because of disabilities or troubles adjusting back to regular life. Also, despite government and public funded drop-in centers for veterans, the statistics showing the number of homeless veterans is substantially different than the…

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