Essay on Homelessness And The Homeless Into Permanent Housing

786 Words Mar 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Homelessness. Every 1 in 100 San Francisco residents are struck with this disease, trying to survive on the streets with no aid, support, or charity. Many people walking downtown don’t even acknowledge the homeless, let alone treat them as a normal human being. To counter this, it is essential we put the homeless into permanent housing, get as many people to volunteer doing local projects such as helping at a food bank or work at a shelter, and contribute to helping the homeless by donating clothes, food, and books. Homeless people are still people, and society needs to start realizing that and start changing their views on them. With the main cause of homelessness being unable to pay rent, the first step to battling homelessness is to start putting up permanent housing around major cities. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, in 2001, five million rental households had “worst case housing needs,” which means that they paid more than half their incomes for rent, when the average number is 30%. The statistic is alarming because paying half of your income just for rent is outrageous, people can’t survive and prosper, which is why building free, and permanent housing for everyone who can’t afford it is the most logical solution. Volunteers will reduce the cost drastically and with Obama supporting the reduction of military retirement pay, we can put forth some of the surplus and starting putting toward helping the homeless. At the very least, we humans need to…

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