Essay on Homelessness And Its Effects On Society

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Homelessness Effecting Society Homelessness affects more than 3.5 million citizens annually in the United States alone. People become homeless because of the loss of a job, mental or physical disabilities, or they do not have the skills to get a higher paying job. Homelessness is a social problem because of the lack of jobs, the lack of education, and the lack of affordable housing. People may think homelessness is not that big of a problem, and that homeless individuals are just lazy and want attention, but it is much bigger deal. If the United States could find a way to solve these problems, homelessness would not be as big of an issue. The United States economy is not the best. This nations unemployment rate has been rising for quite some time now. Many people have been losing their jobs due to various reasons, but because of the large number of job losses a large portion of those people have become homeless. When people lose their job, they lose their money because they are not making money, and without money you cannot live. Someone can try and find a job after being laid off, but if that person only has the skills for that one job they are out of luck, and eventually out of money. The lack of skills also goes along with the lack of a job, because if somebody does not have enough skills they are not able to perform the duties available. When a person loses their job, it ends up pushing them to the street because, unfortunately, they have nowhere else to go. To go…

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