Homelessness And Its Effects On Society Essay

1068 Words Jun 22nd, 2015 null Page
Homelessness is something that has affected everyone in one way or another. Whether it be having a close relative or friend losing all they have had or having an encounter with a homeless person at a gas station. No matter who we are we all have faced homelessness more often than it should. Many have been able to get past the dirty, tattered, and shabby look homeless people have and treat them like a normal human being. Yet, a small population of individuals view homeless people as scum and treat them horribly. Some just give them a simple sneer look or comment while some go to the extreme and physically harm them; sometimes resulting in death. In some cases, the attacker is let go with a small, unjust punishment. A person’s lifestyle should not be how people determine the way the will treat someone. Everyone should not mistreat or abuse the homeless. They are still humans even though they do not have an established, fixed income and home. People should focus more on moving the light onto the harassment and the struggles the homeless go through every day.

Nowadays, everyone tries their best to withhold their judgment. Everywhere we go, this is one thing that we all try to keep in tact. This, however, is something many do not hold back on when they have an encounter with a homeless person. They can be pumping gas when a homeless walks up to them begging for money. Many automatically think that their drug habits lead them to the streets and are asking for money to support…

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