Homeless : A State Of Social Exclusion Essay examples

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Where There’s a Will There’s a Way
Homeless are often in a state of social exclusion where the support and cooperation of the society are null. We all tend to generalize individuals creating stereotypes believing that every person belonging to a specific group is the same as the other members in this case the homeless. Due to the lack of tact and intolerance, most homeless fall in a state of depression. I believe that at some point of their lives all homeless must of had possessions and may have taken for granted; however, life does have unexpected turns that brought them to their current situation. People in the street are also negatively affected by the high levels of inequality many of them living on the street can only survive on charity. When running into a homeless most of us give them unwanted looks stereotyping their physical appearance mumbling unwanted comments such as “Get a job”. I have encountered several points of view regarding being homeless like Lemieux, whose world ends when he lost all his possessions’ or Eighner who took this as a motivation and was able to overcome this and make it look like a piece of cake.
Lemieux narrates the story that brought him to being homeless, he is a perfect example that we should never take things for granted. He went from being a successful businessman to being left with only his dog Willow. Lemieux lived a life full of luxury and comfort, but due to uncontrollable circumstances was left with nothing which may have been…

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