Home Schooling: What Are Homeschooling?

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The research topic that was selected is Home Schooling. The inspiration behind selecting this topic is related to a curiosity about what motivates African American families to make this choice. With the current school choice policies families are able to decide for themselves the educational platform that best serves their children. This semester we discussed different issues that African American children face in school such as segregation, low academic expectations, under achieving schools, the achievement gap, and school choice for urban areas. As a parent and a teacher of African American children who is looking for alternatives the question becomes how viable of an option is homeschooling in helping resolve some of the issues that students face.
For my research question I would like to examine the reasons that contribute to African American families’ decision to home school and their subsequent experiences with homeschooling? To begin I will discuss homeschooling as a growing options for families across America. Next I will summarize each study attempting to reveal contributing factors in African American parents decision to homeschool, while trying to supply an account of parents’ subsequent experiences with homeschooling. Lastly, we will take a look at a study that
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The perception is that this lack of approach leads to African American students being referred to special education classes at a higher rate than their non-black peers. In short, parents sought homeschool in order to have the power to make more autonomous decision about their children’s education. According to this study increasing test scores was not a concern they simply felt that traditional school was sending subtle messages of racism, lower academic standards, and different religious

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