Essay on Home And Receive Welfare Benefits

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If one was to take a poll, or to ask a show of hands of how many people are receiving or know someone receiving welfare benefits, it is with out a doubt that just about every single hand would go up. Welfare, is with no doubt a huge help across the U.S in more ways than one; however, if one must take a drug test to legally work an everyday actual job in many states, why should one not have to test to sit at home and receive welfare benefits? This controversial topic has many individuals across America in an uproar.” Section 902 of welfare authorized states to use chemical testing to screen new TANF applicants or to otherwise detect illicit substance use”(Pollack, Harold P.L 104-193) More than half Government officials and individuals across America are on board with doing so. Florida 's Governor Rick Scott states “ it is not fair to ask tax payers to pay for the drug addiction of those who are receiving welfare if they are, in fact, using those funds to buy Heroine,Cocaine,Crystal-Meth and Ect.”( Drug use and welfare is a topic that goes in the category of the unknown unless one was to research the issue. Many would be surprised to find out although it has been some time ago, that “In 1996 more than 200,000 individuals received SSI or SSDI payments based on the diagnosis of drug addiction or alcoholism.(Davies,Iams,Rupp2000) The subject is very sad to think about and come to terms with that in that era, many had Grandmas, Grandpas, Mothers, Fathers,…

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