Holocaust Essay

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Adam Raabe
History 374
Informing the Public of Genocide World War II was one of the worst and horrific conflicts that took place during recent history because of the Nazi’s strict ideals to create a master race and their means of doing so. During the start of World War II the American public was in a period of isolation. This isolation period made the American public view the Second World War as just another European conflict. World War II allowed the Nazi regime tried to cover up the genocide of any person that they did not find to fit in their master Aryan race. Although the American public was informed of the events that were taking place during the war. They were even informed that the Jewish people were being victimized and killed
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This article was talks about the polish government urging the Allied forces to stop the Nazis from killing any more Polish Jews. The article claims “the slaughter of 700,000 Jews in German occupied territories.” (Pg. 6) had occurred and that the polish government is urging the allied forces to put a stop to this. The article goes on to suggest that new policy’s be adopted in order to force the Nazis to stop there killing. Clearly the Polish government knew that the Jewish people were being victimized and the Nazis were in fact committing genocide. This information was being speed to the American public but still seems to be ignored until after the war.

The American public was given information that the polish Jews were being targeted and killed in 1940, not even a year into this war. When looking at American newspapers at the time on this subject, it seems that the American public had ample information about the genocide of the Jewish people but did not seem to play much attention to it. This may because of their policy of isolation after world war one or several other reasons. We also do see that the American public was still being given information throughout the war and can even find articles on the Lodz ghetto and Chemo. The amount of information that the American public had was astonishing. During the War, this Genocide seemed to fall by the waist side. Even through American was being informed that the Germans were committing these horrible acts, the public

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