Comforting Camp Survivor Of The Holocaust

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Jewish people were who got treated like animals during the Holocaust the most. Some that were in the concentration camps and the time period are still alive today. We can easily notice the personality difference and the face which holds all the stress and grief of this world. Something they have not spoken about, something they need to tell is within their eyes. The fear and confidence in their eyes show us that they are ready to give us anything, ready for many things in the world that most humans are afraid to go through. They are afraid, but they are ready to face this world today. They are humble people who are wise in their decisions. Some have many hopes that were ruined because of the Holocaust. There are so many things need to be said …show more content…
Some have forgiven and forgotten the anger. They became wiser and humble after their experience and have started a new life that gave them the meaning of living and why they survived the scary event called the Holocaust. 170,000 Jews were settled in Israel (where the execution is starting), 4,500 went back to their homes everywhere in Europe, some went to England, and 68,000 settled in the United States legally. I am personally so glad that the Jews were trusted and supported by others throughout the planet. It is so wonderful to know that people care. There are more than 110 Holocaust Survivors and 53 Comforting Camp Survivors today. We need to be thankful for our beautiful environments, many countries in Europe, (South) Korea, and the United States with freedom. The Holocaust was a scary event for many people. Its idea was being used in so many different countries around 1944 and now by North Korea. There is an end to everything and there will be an end to everything if we have people that care for the truth and just things to take place. The Jewish people’s settlement was hard after being treated like nothing and being homeless after their killing center homes. I think many of them have learned valuable lessons from that experience and have adapted to living a new life anywhere. I understand their love for each other and the scariness to go back home where they got hurt the most starting from the ghettos. I want to be like them after their experience, when they knew everything they have been doing was wrong and they needed to humble themselves. I have to be thankful again because of our executed ancestors who live in pride of who they are and who can be a firm witness of important history. Many Jews after Holocaust became something productive and important such as; Professors, authors, artists, actors, directors, musicians, and other. They are talented people who needed to live to

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