Holocaust History Mystery

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The Holocaust History Mystery
The perishing of at least six million people in Nazi Germany during the first half of the 20th century is widely known as the Holocaust. Majority of the victims of this genocide were Jewish. Most people acknowledge this devastating time in history, while it is believed by some that the Holocaust was over exaggerated or the death count was far less than claimed. Both sides of this argument will be explored and discussed.
Concentration camps are places where large number of people are held to be later executed during the Holocaust. Jews, socialist, gyspies, homosexuals, and Jehovah Witnesses are some who were held in these camps. Some believed these camps didn’t exist while others say these camps tragically tortured
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Holocaust deniers argue that there is not sufficient evidence to show masses of people died from the gas chambers. They believe that the gassing theory was supposedly made up after the Holocaust ended.
According to Mark Weber, the author of Auschwitz-Myths & Facts, a Holocaust survivor named Maria Vanherwaarden questioned her experience. She claimed that on the train to the concentration camp there was an older woman that told her they would be gassed. She was later put in a concrete room to take a shower. Instead of gas, there was actually water coming from the shower head. She later stated there was no gassings, nor any mass killings or exterminations. Maria’s experience is one piece of evidence that proves it is possible the Holocaust is not totally true or somewhat exaggerated.
Stated in Mark Weber’s article, “Many thousands of secret Germans documents dealing with Auschwitz were confiscated after the war by allies. Not a single refers to a policy or program of extermination.” This quote supports there were no extermination programs in these concentration camps, so it is possible these gas chambers never
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The narratives are proof that their experiences are true and occurred during the time in the concentration camps.
Anne Frank is a widely known and memorable figure from the Holocaust. Frank, a child living in Nazi Germany, experiences were documented in her diary. This diary was later discovered and published. She wrote about her life while her family was hiding from Nazis and attempting to avoid being sent to concentration camps. Her diary is another piece of evidence to show that events alleged during the Holocaust and in the concentration camps did actually happen.
Some superior evidence that naysayers cannot deny are the images from the Holocaust. These images accurately fit descriptions of the physical tests they performed on humans, the way the camps look and as well as the physical condition of the people in the camps. These images must be real taking in consideration that photo shopping was not used at the time.
After reviewing and researching this topic thoroughly, it is clearly up to each individual to consider both sides of the argument and come to a conclusion. There is evidence to support each position and an opinion can only be formed about viewing all the of the available

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