Holden Is A Special Case Essay

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Life is neither good or bad, it 's what you make it. In some cases, people evolve illnesses which changes the way they see life. Holden is a special case, who has a variety of illnesses, which might explain why he is having trouble adjusting, or the reason why he acts the way he does. In “The Catcher in the Rye,” J.D.Salinger shows Holden Caulfield having trouble adjusting to society and withdrawing from social interaction caused by his Post Traumatic Stress. Explaining why he thinks negative, or why he lacks on adjusting to society. By Holden focusing in death throughout the story as an effect of PTSD, with his wishes to die and starting all over. Especially the witnessing of deaths expressed in the story, causing his PTSD.

It feels awful when you don 't know when it 's the last time you saw someone, and even worse when you can 't say your last good-bye to that person. That 's what Holden felt when his brother Allie died. “He got leukemia and died when we [Holden and his family] were up in Maine, on July 18,1946”(Salinger 43), after that his Post Traumatic Stress started. After finding out this big news Holden’s action was to sleep “in the garage the night he died, and I [Holden] broke all the goddam windows with my [his] fist”(44). It was only reasonable for him to act this way, after all he was only 13 years old at that time. This connects to the beginning of the story. His Post Traumatic Stress shows why he is at relief to have the ability to say goodbye to…

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