Hnc Social Care Graded Unit - Implementation Stage Essay

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Guitar lesson
Ballikinrain Residential School

August 15th 2013 Implementation stage
The A team - by Ed Sheeran
Ralph has chosen this song as he loves it. It's a song he'd love to be able to play on guitar. Ralph has stated he loves to play his guitar. However he gets frustrated when he try's to play it on his own. He often has his guitar out when he is relaxing in the unit and has stated he wants to write a song about his mum. Ralph actually sung part of a song he had thought up. The lyrics were very warm towards his mum. However this song was very short and maybe if Ralph gets better at the guitar with these lessons he will be able to put a whole song together about his mum. This would be a very positive event as
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I then went on to google and printed out a guitar chord guide (below) and placed one on Ralph's bedroom wall at his request. I also used one for our lesson.
Guitar Chord fingering patterns
Poster in Ralph's room:

I also used my an iPad the school block to help Ralph with playing the chords. The application I used has an amazing interface and shows videos of how to play chords. This was just another innovative way of helping Ralph learn instead of always using boring old methods like paper and books.

Lesson Plan
The lesson plan is to:
1. Introduce the Guitar
2. Talk about chords and music
3. Teach Ralph chords from "A Team".
4. Get Ralph to play the chords.
5. Work on his weaknesses, develop his strengths.
6. Decide together on the next piece to learn.


Learn the A-Team by that man up there.

Learn the chords with the iPad and Chord sheet.
Copy Andrew your teacher.
Watch interactive videos to understand how to play chords better on your guitar.

Most importantly...

Enjoy yourself.
Ask questions.
Try your hardest.
Practice on your own.


£6.99 for guitar strings.
This is a long term investment however.

No additional cost at present for in house lessons.


The lessons have been arranged for

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