Hmong Parents And Children With Disabilities Essay

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In general, Hmong parents view their child with disabilities differently than their children without disabilities. Xiong (2007) stated that in the society today, education level, competence, and an individual ability are the factors that people called success. In Hmong culture, children who are fast learner are or physical normal are expected for most parents. Hmong parents expect their children to be independent and able to have their own family when they grow up, Xiong (2007) said “this put lots of pressure on the children with disabilities because of the possibility of not being able to fully satisfy their parents’ expectations. Parents are sadden and disappointed when their child with disabilities cannot meet those expectations.
In a study conducted in 2002 by Wathum-Ocama & Rose on Hmong children with deaf or hard of hearing impairment, Hmong parents are sadden when they discovered that their child is deaf. The parents worried for the child’s future even though they will accept and love their child unconditionally like their children without a disability. In term of the child’s education, the parents think education is important no matter what, so they discuss the education especially education with their child. Wathum-Ocama & Rose (2002) also stated that teachers also said that Hmong parents and their children valued education. However, Hmong parents’ education goals for their child with a disability is different than their children without disabilities. Two out of…

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