Hiv And Its Effects On Hiv Essay examples

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A deadly virus that was originated in the early 80’s of the twentieth century has become a crisis for the whole world today. For a period of time it was known as a death sentence virus. There is a stage before AIDs which is known as HIV. HIV was first discovered in 1981. One in every six people are infected with HIV. The acronym HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. Unlike most viruses, HIV is one that your body can never nor will ever get rid of. So, once you have HIV you will have it for the rest of your life. The early stages of HIV have several symptoms such as mouth sores, muscles aches, sore throat, fever, chills, and multiple other symptoms. These symptoms can last anywhere from a day to several weeks at a time. However, since these symptoms are flu like symptoms, you should not just assume you have HIV. The only way to be sure of this virus is to get tested. Some people who are infected with HIV do not show any symptoms for 10 years. The next stage of HIV is the ¨Clinical Latency Stage.¨ At this point in the HIV stage, HIV is producing in very low levels. For people who are not receiving any form of treatment or medications for HIV, this stage can last a decade or longer. However, some cases will progress faster than others. Those who are receiving treatments and medicine for HIV, could be in this stage for several decades because it keeps the virus under control. In this stage it is possible to show no symptoms or show the same ones as in the early stages of…

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