Hiv / Aids And Aids Essay

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More than a decade ago, AIDS/HIV was a detrimental issue. This particular disease was casted into the shadows and was something that was kept silent because of the stigma and odium HIV/AIDS was associated with. Those infected were ridiculed and often felt a sense of disapproval, distress and alienation. According to the aids institute although HIV/AIDS was discovered in 1883 it was not until 1992, HIV/AIDS had just made its grand entrance into society. Misconception and lack of knowledge surrounding HIV/AIDS left much of the population vulnerable to contracting this disease. That shortly came to an end after Mary Fisher broke the silence by delivering her speech “Whispers of Aids” by raising awareness about this deleterious disease.

On August 19th 1992 in Houston, Texas Mary Fisher a white woman, mother, wife and daughter of a wealthy republican; stood before the podium during a Republican National Convention to adamantly deliver her speech “Whisper of Aids”. Mary Fisher who was HIV positive had one goal and her goal was to inform her audience that they were not safe from contracting this disease by stating that HIV/AIDS is not a distant threat but a present danger. Around the time Mary fisher narrated her speech “HIV/AID was not only seen as a medical condition but also as a stigmatized illness (Liamputtong). Mary Fisher was up against an indifferent crowd because of the great deal of stereotypes surrounding the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These stereotypes were the main…

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