Nazification Of German People Essay

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Roles Influencing German People
There are many aspects believed to push the German people’s participation in the genocide and murders; however, the roles of racism, German economy, national pride, peer pressure, and physiological conditioning play the largest roles in the German people’s participation in or indifference towards the state sponsored genocide and murders.
Racism has influenced many things throughout history, but those events can not compare to its influence throughout the nazification process. According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust Hitler had an extreme hatred against Jews showing since 1919. With Hitler becoming part of the government he used his extreme feelings against the Jews with polices and statues which eventually
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The propaganda put out by the Nazi party not only effected the sense of national pride, but also was used as peer pressure in a way. According to The History Learning Site propaganda was appointed to Joseph Goebbels and his main goal was to make sure no one said or read anything against the Nazi party and to make sure Nazi propaganda was the most persuasive out there (“Propaganda in Nazi Germany”). German citizens were surrounded by forms of propaganda and many believed it. Being surrounded by an entire country who is changing their views towards Hitler, Jews, other countries, etc. and having propaganda everywhere most people would change their views. Peer pressure is known for when people are put in an uncomfortable position and just going with the choice that is the easiest; therefore, all the pressure from the propaganda would make the citizens at this time “break” and do what is easiest which is supporting the Nazi party. Meaning peer pressure was a tactic used by the Nazis to gain …show more content…
Conditioning from the party was what probably took total control of Germany. According to The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) the Nazi party was changing many things to condition the next generation by changing the education. Physical education was doubled, but religious education was eliminated. The Nazis also re-wrote text books, changed every subject to be presented in Nazi perspective, and changed history books to focus on Germany’s military’s successes. The goal of education was to encourage hatred towards Jews and keep Jews separated (“Changing Life in Germany”). Based off the information from BBC the Nazi party was making the perfect citizens. They party were purposefully lying to the children in schools to promote hatred against other races and receive more support for whatever rash decisions the Nazi party was planning to do next. Hitler had an idea for the perfect human and through his position in the government he arranged for children getting educations to be conditioned into his idea of a perfect human. Even kids were not the only ones being conditioned by the Nazi party, with all the propaganda from the Nazi party all citizens were being conditioned. They were told the Jews were the reason they lost the war and unreasonable things such as that; therefore, it is clear that

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