Hitlers Control Essay

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How effective was Hitler's control over every aspect of German life between 1933-1939? The Nazi regime was "Hitler's regime, it was Hitler's policy, Hitler's rule of force, Hitler's victory and defeat - nothing else" Hans Frank, Hitler's lawyer. If the regime was to be Hitler's and no one else's then he would need complete control over every aspect of German life, from schools, churches, courts, and people. This essay will examine each of the aspects of every day life, what the nazi's did to take control of it and how successful they were. After 1933 control of the radio was given to the Reich Radio Company. A new radio set was made, Peoples radios, these radios were cheap and with a license fee of …show more content…
The old-style liberal education had been dropped and nazi ideology was being taught across the country. New schools were also set up, specially designed to teach the next generation of high level nazi officials. The Napolos or National Political training institutes, under the control of August Heißmeyr these schools attracted the sons of reliable nazi families. Completion of there studies the students usually passed pass straight onto the armed forces. The Adolf Hitler Schule was set up by Robert Ley in 1937, supposed to be the finishing schools for the future ruling elite of Germany. Children aged 12-18 were admitted, mostly high ranking members of the Hitler youth. On graduation students looked for places in either university or at the ordens burgen. These ordens burgen or order castles were prestigious schools and were very difficult to get in to. Potential students had to have completed 6 years at the Hitler schule, 2 1\2 years in the state labour service and a period of full time employment in party work. It was concerned an honour to be accepted for this school. The Hitler youth was set up in 1933 by Hitler with the intention to attract youth to what many children saw as an exciting organisation and wanted something to do with it. They may not have understood or even known of the Nazi's political intentions, what attracted them was the organisation and that many of their friends might have joined. In these Nazi clubs

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