Essay on Hitler

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He was able to annex Austria in 1938 without a single battle. But when he had his forces enter Poland in August 1939, at this moment is when Britain and France officially declared war to Germany. Poland was overrun in less than one month, Denmark and Norway in two months, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and France in six weeks. After the fall of France in June 1940 only Great Britain stood firm.
The crucial decision of his career, the invasion of Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941, despite both of them had a deal of not invading each other’s territories Hitler didn’t care.
The United States by the end of 1941 had entered the struggle against the Axis powers. United States enters the war because Japan bombs Pearl Harbor which they had their
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Volkswagen, Siemens, Bayer, Hugo boss and IBM
* It was created the enigma a machine who could decode and code messages, this was one of the first step to get to the scientific calculator or even the modern computers. * The first aircrafts invisible to radar. It is very similar to the b2 Spirit of the USA Army * First guided missiles * OVNIs aircrafts

Hitler made so many things in a few years. He is said to me the worst person during WWII but if you start to see Stalin killed almost 30 million of Russians but he won the war.
He founded the way to use the hopes and fears of the German to give himself power, he was a real genius as you can see with his military strategies, he conquered 17 countries but he didn’t use his knowledge well.
We must agree that he was a very smart man, and knew exactly what he was doing. Not necessarily a good [in the sense of being kind

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