Essay on Hitler 's The Second Reich

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To what extent was the Hitler Youth used to defend the Third Reich? To answer that question, the Hitler Youth had been used extensively to defend the Third Reich by fighting as soldiers to their death on the front lines. Adolf Hitler was the Dictator of Nazi Germany from 1933-1945. Hitler founded a youth organization ordering all boys and girls ages ten-eighteen to join a youth program that leads to mandatory military service for the Third Reich. The boys and girls ages ten-fourteen fell into the Jungvolk and Jungmadel, respectively.(Bartoletti 23) The boys and girls ages fourteen-eighteen fell into the HJ category which was known as the actual Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany.(Bartoletti 67-68)
Hitler Youth membership grew rapidly in the organization. In 1923 the membership totaled 1,000 members. In 1933 membership numbers totaled 2,300,000 members. The rival youth group that Hitler outlawed was known as the Wandervogel (The Migratory Bird). The Wandervogel was replaced with Hitler Youth because the Wandervogel did not like the “modern conveniences” that Hitler and the Nazi party provided to the Fatherland and its territories. The Wandervogel liked living off the land and wore hiking boots and shorts. When members of the Wandervogel would see one another on the street and greet each other they would say “Heil” (Bartoletti 1).The Hitler Youth organization was founded in 1920 which was strongly based on the rival youth group Wandervogel. (Lisciotto 1-2)
Young boys were very…

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