Hitler 's Power During World War II Essay example

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Who is the meanest person of all time? While you may be thinking it is your High School English teacher, many people would argue that it is Adolph Hitler. Hitler rose to power during World War II and is infamous for slaughtering millions (“Adolf Hitler”). What is less known is Hitler’s rise to power before World War II. (“Adolf Hitler”) Hitler’s life and experiences before World War II made him into the monster that he was. (“Adolf Hitler”)
Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary on April 20 1889. (“Adolf Hitler”) He was born to Alois and Klara. His mother was born into a poor family and his father worked as a customs agent. (“Adolf Hitler”) His great great grandmother was Jewish and served as a maid. (“Adolf Hitler”)
During elementary school, Hitler showed great intellectual potential.(“Adolf Hitler”) Hitler was popular with the other kids and was recognized as having great leadership ability. (“Adolf Hitler”) During high school, the competition that existed made Hitler stop trying. (“Adolf Hitler”) This ended up making him lose popularity as well as friends. (“Adolf Hitler”) Then Hitler became friends with little kids and together they reenacted battles from the historical Boer wars. (“Adolf Hitler”) When Hitler was 15, he failed his exams and he had to repeat the year. (“Adolf Hitler”) Instead of repeating the year, Hitler decided to quit school and give up on his education. (“Adolf Hitler”)
When he was 13, Hitler’s dad died. (“Adolf Hitler”)As a…

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