Hitler Concentration Camps

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During 1939-1945 majority of the world including Germany were focused on WWII. Besides WWII there were many of innocent people who were encountering a different type of hurt. Hitler was punishing millions of Jewish people who were subject to being publicly humiliated, being forced to work through torturous conditions, concentration camps, and even extermination camps. In the extermination camps Jews killed by mass shootings, gas trucks, and gas chambers. World War Two was a big hurt to the Jewish people. Hitler the leader of the Germans put the Jewish people through hell during WWII. Hitler did this by creating concentration camps and extermination camps. Concentration camp is basically a place where Hitler confined the Jews under harsh conditions. He set up camps all over Germany to handle masses of arrested Jews. There were organized groups called the SA, the SS, the police, and local civilian authorities. The SA is known as Sturmabteillungen or more commonly known as the Storm Troopers. The SS are know as the Schutzstaffel …show more content…
Some of the different aspects would be ideological, practical, security, economic, and technical. The Germans had seen the Jews as an anti-race, basically the opposite and enemy of the German race. “Germany was, for some century’s prior to the Nazi years, permeated by a particularly radical and vicious brand of anti-Semitism whose ultimate aim was the elimination of the Jews” (Colin) They also believed that politics were a fight between the two races. Nazis believed that the Jews were planning to destroy their race. Since they believed that the Jews were going to destroy them, they decided to come up with something called the final solution. Basically the final solution was the thought to make all of the Jews disappear from all of the German controlled areas. The ideological played a major part in making the final solution.

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