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Ben Cleveland
MacMahon and the Government of Moral Order- MacMahon became the president of the Third republic. MacMahon government attempted to restore the moral order of France. Encouraged the French people to repent for their last 75 years of sin. MacMahon moved away from social reforms such as Women’ rights, instead focused on religion and a return to moral purity in France. Used Priest to spread political platforms.
Sieze Mai Crisis- The Seize Mai Crisis was brought about by the question of the role of the president. Could President MacMahon hire and fire Prime minster with out the permission of the Republican National Assembly? The National Assembly interpreted the constitution of 1875 in a different light than MacMahon. The
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The ‘other trench’- national campaign to increase birth rates during and fallowing WWI. Fallowing WWI the Frech poplauion dwindled due to the Lost Generation and low birth rated. The French began a complain that gave nationalist sentiments to re-populating he French Nation. The campaign emphasized both to men and women that there duty to the nation envovled creating more Frenchmen.

The public opposition to the Macmahon regime and the government of Moral Order allowed for many of the revolutionary promises of 1789 to be fully realized for the first time. The Constitution of 1875 was affirmed during the Seize Mai Crisis and a national unity was established through the Ferry Laws and the development of the role of the Republican Mother. The period from 1817-1880 marked a new republican movement in France’s history. The constitution of 1875 helped many French men and women understand there full republican potential. In 1875 the National Assemble voted on the legitimacy of the Constitution of 1875. The constitution proposed a bicameral legislation and a president, which would be elected by the National Assembly. Legislation would be devided into two sections, the chamber of Deputies, which where to be elected by Universal Manhood Suffrage, and the senate which would be elected by regional representatives. Both legislative branches encompassed the model of government tat was idealized under the

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