History Paper Jane Addams Day

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US History II
Professor Friedmen
Jane Addams’s Day Every year we set aside certain days to reflect and recognize those who have made considerable contributions for the advancement of society. Without these people, their determined will, strenuous efforts, and incessant selflessness we would not have many of the things we take. For instance, we set aside a day for Martin Luther King Jr. for his amazing endeavors towards eradicating racial differences and erasing the senseless boundaries that have put both African Americans and Coloreds in an overall disadvantage. As a result of his hard work, patience, and bright outlook on the otherwise bleak situation African Americans can enjoy the same quality of life, education, and privileges
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The Hull House was also able to provide the young children with kindergarten, where they can be educated and provided a free meal. This was useful because before the Hull House women would tie their children on the table before going to work. Now these children will have a safe place to be productive and get educated. This house was also able to provide a gym, coffeehouse and an art gallery for all the adults in the urban city of Chicago. The Hull House did not only provide an outlet for education but it provided for entertainment through its coffeehouses, art galleries and gyms. This are some reason why Jane Addams should be given a national holiday. The date for Jane Addams’s Day would be on May 21th because that was the date of her birthday. We see that many great people like George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. got their national holiday and Jane Addams should not deserve anything less. On this day we should acknowledge her accomplishments and how she set the way to the country today. We should be able to give a day off to children in school and adults from their jobs because her impact on the school system by integrating kindergarten and allow the adults to appreciate her recreational activities. Then in every city the museums, art galleries, gym and coffee shops should give a discount on this day because of the generosity of Jane Addams to give to those who could not afford it. Finally we have a parade which would demonstrate and show

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