History Of The Death Penalty Essay

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The history of the death penalty. America does and what he was influenced by Britain because when the new settlers came they brought the practices of capital punishment with them. The very first records of an execution was Captain George Kendall and take Jamestown Virginia colony in 1608 for being a Spain spy. Each colony had a very sorts of laws for the death penalty.
1794, Pennsylvania have the death penalty for only first-degree murder but nothing else, this came about from William Bradford. In 1834, they turned executions to facilities instead of outside in the public. When the mid-19 century came around, states began to reduce capital crimes, and instead built state penitentiaries.
Michigan made a law against death penalty, only if treason
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In just a few jurisdictions this occurred, 1963, all the mandatory capital punishments had been abolished.
Six U.S states outlawed the death penalty completely from 1907-1917. Three more had limited the penalty to only being treason and first degree murder. However, with the threat of the Russian Revolution, this movement was shortened due to many people panicking. This caused 5 of the 6 states to have the death penalty reinstated by 1920.
1920-1940 was the worst time in America, not only because of capital punishment but because of the Great Depression. The Great Depression caused the capital punishment to skyrocket. By the 1930s more than 167 executions occurred per year. This caused for it to be the United States worst execution count, for the decade, ever. However when it got bad, America changed drastically in 1950, deaths began to drop, "1,289 executions in the 1940s ... 715 in the 1950s, ... only 191, from 1960 to 1976." In 1966, only 42% Americans supported the death
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If that was the case, there wouldn 't be any crime. This has been noticed in North Carolina. The state has seen a steep drop in the use of the death penalty. Death sentences haven 't been dished out often, 2012 was the year that none were handed to a criminal. However, the N.C. Department of Justice noticed over the years that the stater murder rate declined since executions stopped. Just there 's no evidence that death penalty deters crime. Multiple studies were discredited due to the research saying the death penalty lowers

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