History Of The Air Cargo Industry Essay

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History of the Air Cargo Industry
Aviation has been a key transportation asset since the first flight by Wilber and Orville Wright in 1903. Several major events have impacted the airline industry, more specifically the air cargo industry, since the invention of the airplane. The following events helped to shape the air cargo industry and made it what it is today.
Slick Airways and Flying Tiger Airlines After World War II (WWII), many air cargo companies started up and used retrofitted military surplus cargo aircraft to fill the need for transportation of time sensitive air cargo. Two of the first successful air freight only airlines that came into existence were Slick Aviation and Flying Tiger Airlines. Slick Aviation was founded in January 1949 by Earl Slick and used military surplus Curtiss C-46E cargo aircraft to deliver civilian air freight on the first scheduled airline routes. In less than five years, Slick Aviation was the largest air freight company in the United States. Over the next decade, it faced stiff competition from passenger airlines that also began flying cargo and had lower government regulated fixed cargo rates; insuring larger profit margins for the passenger airlines. Slick Aviation began to falter financially and in 1954 they considered a merger with Flying Tigers; which was approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), but did not go through due to labor problems at both airlines. Slick Aviation continued its decline and eventually went out of…

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