History Of Functionalism

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What is Functionalism?

Trace its historical origins.
Functionalism origin is quit blurred due to the many psychologists and philosophers who contributed to the making of functionalism. There is no one person who come up with functionalism but more so it was development over time, there are many that contributed and we will touch on some of the key psychologists and people that contributed in the making of functionalism we know as today . The thought of functionalism was founded in the U.S as alternative for structuralism. Functionalism never become a formal school, but it did build on other schools such as structuralism.
In the U.S psychology was taught with other studies, it included
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The first stage then later on led to stage two which is known intellcual philosophy continueting from where stage one ended 1776 and lasting onward till 1886, within this few dacades philosophy changed and with the scotish of that time that led to empirical science, then later on the first American psychology jurnal was published in 1887 going by the title of (American Journal of Psychology). The year 1886 also began the third sage known as the U.S renaaunce lasting from 1886-1896. This years marked one of the ost remarkable year in the history of psychology within America due to only being implemented, this year as it says in the psychology book titled (An introduction to the history of psychology 6th edition), “psychology completely emancipated from religion and methodologies were distinctly different”. After years of psychology functionalism finnaly became its own topic, his happened on the fourth stage which lasted from the year 1886 till today and is continuaing to last. Functionalism combined with evolutionary became known and studied, many people mark the birth or beginning of functionalism differently same like “Sahakian (1975) marks the beginning of functionalism at 1896, with the publication of John Dewey’s article “The Reflex Arc in Psychology”. This date was not that date functionalism was born, this was a date chosen by chance as we that other

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