History Of Education And Education Essay

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History of education is known as understanding the study of the past which focuses on educational issues such as the education system, theories etc. Also through the studying of history of education it helps individuals to appreciate the importance of education to humanity as well as interpret the fundamentals part to which education plays in the transformation of society.
Also as a teacher in training in the University of Trinidad and Tobago learning about the history of education helps prepare us to examine the trends and dynamics in education by drawing comparison and lessons from the past to evade repeating the same mistakes thus instituting more feasible plans to society’s benefit.

An according to Frank Pierrepont Graves 1869-1956 a notable American Philosopher he believes the history of education acts as the last stage in the process of evolution. As development in the universe which took place before were considered as unconscious education, whereas better education is regarded as conscious evolution which is a process of more completer consciousness as one is now aware of the situation and set to guide itself more definitely. Which in other words humans will are now able to take their lives in their own hands and direct it either towards a higher development or ideal end. Therefore, from Frank Pierrepont Graves point of view education main purpose is to help along in the improvement of working out the world thus the teacher’s function is considered the…

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