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Big Brothers, Big Sisters
History & Funds The Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization began in New York back in the year 1904. It all came from a court clerk who noticed an increasing number of boys in the courtroom. Taking this issue into consideration, he realized that with some friendship and guidance from adults these kids could possible see themselves getting out of trouble. This very idea is what lead to the creation of the organization. The court clerk gathered some of his friends who were willing to mentor male youth. On the other hand, a group called Ladies of Charity started to provide a similar program but for girls. After many years, these two organizations merged in 1977 to create Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Since then, it has spread through the country to be in all 50 states and 12 countries within the world. Locally, the Big Brothers big Sisters of Tucson was founded in 1963. The organization receives its funds through various means such as “local fundraising from business, faith and educational communities, as well as through private and public foundation support” (Radelet, 2009).
The organization has two major goals for youth that promote skills necessary to better their lives. These goals include providing children with “strong and enduring, professionally
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Overall, the program emphasizes the concept of success in education. This means having a positive influence over the children and assisting them on getting onto the correct path. Further objectives serve to “encourage children to set higher goals for high school and college, improve their confidence in themselves and help them have better, stronger relationships with their families” (What we achieve, n.d.) These objects are all causes that have long term affects to promote positive development within the child to build the foundation to a greater

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