Essay about History Is The Recording Of Past Events

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History is the recording of past events in time. The record keeping of our past is the reason we have what we have today; everything from government and military ideas all the way down to tradition and religion. If it was not for people keeping a record of everything that happened, whether it be good or bad, it is what helped shape the human race and evolve us into what we have become today. Although every group of people has their own structure and belief systems, the reason behind why they are there are because of the trial and error of past generations. People do not understand just how much Greek, Roman, China, India, Early Americas and the Islamic Empires history plays a part the ideas, institutions and art of the present day and how they are preserved and perpetuated throughout history. Although all civilizations contributed to the uprising of modern day culture the Greek and Romans seem to have the largest impact, mostly with government as well with buildings, theaters and arts. The Greeks were the first to come up with the idea of a democracy. A democracy is the the idea that the government is ran by the people. Officials are voted on and elected by the people and once elected then that person is classified, by the people of that state or country, fit to make decisions for the entirety of the group. Although democracy in Greece would only last for about two hundred years little did they know it would eventually run counties. While the idea was in the air it was not…

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