History Ia - the 1st Gulf War Essay

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“What was the main cause of the gulf war?”

“What was the main cause of the Gulf War?” Section A

The aim of this investigation is to identify what led the gulf conflict become a global war.. I will investigate how a feud dating back to the 1st world war between Iraq and Kuwait evolved into a 40 billion dollar globally supported war. In this investigation, by careful analysis of chosen texts I will collect evidence in section B on: A. Minor causes of the Gulf War B. American oil interests in the Middle East C. Intrinsic conflicts between Kuwait and Iraq To examine points 1. and 2. I will use Alastair Finlanʼs The Gulf War 1991. In order to examine point 3. I will mainly make reference to War in the Gulf, 1990-1991: The IraqiKuwait
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2003, p.9.

"H&K leads PR charge in behalf of Kuwaiti cause," O'Dwyer's PR Services Report, Vol. 5, No., Jan 1991, p. 8.

War in the Gulf, 1990-91: The Iraq-Kuwait Conflict and Its Implications, Majid Khadduri & Edmund Ghareeb. p.24

ibid. ibid. 4


Christopher Schrader

“What was the main cause of the gulf war?”

Section C

Figure A.a.: One page from a three page memorandum called national directive 54 on the soon to be gulf war. Written on January the 15th, 1991.
Christopher Schrader 5

“What was the main cause of the gulf war?”

Fibure A.b.: the second page of the memorandum

Christopher Schrader


“What was the main cause of the gulf war?”

“It seems far more likely that Saddam Hussein went ahead with the invasion because he believed the US would not react with anything more than verbal condemnation. That was an inference he could well have drawn from his meeting with US Ambassador April Glaspie on July 25, and from statements by State Department officials in Washington at the same time publicly disavowing any US security commitments to Kuwait but also from the success of both the Reagan and the Bush administrations in heading off attempts

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