History: Genghis Khan And The Mongol Empire

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It all started when Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire by uniting all the Mongols. Genghis Khan thought for some time, and then took action and did this in 1206. Mongol expansion into Central Asia began in 1209. as the Mongols pursued tribal leaders who opposed Chinggis Khan's rise to power in Mongolia and thus constituted a threat to his authority there. With their victories, the Mongols gained new territory. Several smaller polities such as the Uighurs of the Tarim Basin also sought the protection of Chinggis Khan as vassals. Ultimately, the Mongols found themselves with a large empire, now bordering not only the Chinese states but also the Islamic world in Central Asia including the Khwarazmian Empire, which spanned over portions of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, and part of modern Iraq. Sadly though, Genghis Khan died soon after that. He passed away in 1227. Even after his death, Mongolia was still strong. So, the empire was able to stay alive and keep on going. It was just subdivided into four kingdoms. Kublai Khan, took over the throne of one of the four kingdoms in 1260. Then, in 1271, Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty. Soon after that, the Yuan dynasty fell into the Manchu Qing dynasty. The Manchu Qing dynasty was very strong so it conquered quite a bit of Mongolia in 1636. It still took quite
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The surrounding areas seem like you have traveled to another world. Everything is so different, and you could think that maybe you traveled into the past. Sheep farmers and herders are everywhere. There are roads which are the only sign that you are in the 21st century. Still, the roads are barely even roads. Almost immediately after you leave the capital, the road ends. So, you end up in the Mongolian countryside. The roads become dirt paths which are filled with potholes and rocks. At that point, you’re often better off just driving in the

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